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June 21, 2020

Why developers hate PHP

Written by Tony Lea - 3 minute read

I am a developer and I'm also very fond of PHP, which seems to get dragged through the mud a lot. I used to refrain from telling people that I was a "PHP" developer, afraid that I would get mentally classified as "that kind of develope...

June 17, 2020

What is Livewire?

Written by Tony Lea - 1 minute read

Livewire is a project by Caleb Porzio that makes building reactive Laravel applications a breeze! Just as an example you can add a simple search autocomplete in seconds. How does it work? Livewire uses an old technique referred to as long-polling wh...

June 10, 2020

Intro to AlpineJS

Written by Tony Lea - 3 minute read

I know what you’re probably thinking. Another javascript framework/library. But before you write this one off, perhaps you should take a look at how simple and flexible it is. Alpine can help you perform some simple javascript functionality in your a...

June 8, 2020

What is Deno and should you learn it

Written by Tony Lea - 2 minute read

Node is pretty amazing, but there is a new contender stepping into the ring, and his name is Deno. What is Deno? Deno is a new server side javascript language created by the same creator of NodeJS, and it's said to have many advantages over Node. In ...

April 17, 2020

Send Email from Ubuntu with PostFix

Written by Tony Lea - 1 minute read

Sending email from a single line of code inside your Ubuntu server is actually pretty simple. Make sure that you've installed PostFix on your server and then you can simply send out emails with the following command:echo "This is the body of the emai...

April 8, 2020

A Quick Guide to Using tcpdump

Written by Tony Lea - 2 minute read

The tcpdump command can be used to check for incoming and outgoing TCP traffic on your server. You can check if you have tcpdump installed by running the following command:which tcpdumpYou should then see an output similar to:/usr/sbin/tcpdumpInstall...

April 6, 2020

Setting up Postfix on Ubuntu

Written by Tony Lea - 6 minute read

Postfix is an open source Mail Transfer Agent which will allow your server to receive emails from a specific address and parse that email as you see fit.Imagine you had a domain at and you wanted to setup an email such as [email protected] ...

March 16, 2020

How to Append HTML to Another Element

Written by Tony Lea - 1 minute read

Appending HTML to the end of another element is very simple. Most people shy away from jQuery nowadays so it's important to know how to append HTML to another element in Vanilla Javascript.Let's say that you want to append a string of HTML to the end...

March 15, 2020

5 Tips for Becoming a Better Developer

Written by Tony Lea - 3 minute read

Want to be a better developer? We all do, right? Well I’ve put together 5 sure fire fundamentals to follow in order to become a better developer. Ironically these tips have little to do with code, but be assured that following these suggestions will ...

March 14, 2020

Connecting to a MySQL database in NodeJS

Written by Tony Lea - 1 minute read

Connecting to a MySQL database in NodeJS is actually quite simple. First off, you'll need to make sure you have a local MySQL server on your machine and then you can follow these steps.To start off you'll want to create a new folder, navigate to that...

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