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9 Reasons to Create a Developer Blog

Tony Lea

9 Reasons to Create a Developer Blog

There are so many great reasons to create a developer blog. If you're a developer and you do not have your own blog, you should be sure to check out the DevDojo Blogging Platform.

In this article, I'll let you in on the top 9 reasons you'll want to create a blog as a developer. Let's jump in!

1. Make Money

Probably one of the most appealing reasons to create a developer blog is that you can make some extra side cash. Developer blogs are really popular because the demand for coding tutorials and content is extremely high.

After you get a decent amount of traffic to your blog, you can start monetizing it by placing advertisements throughout your site. Then, when your visitors click an ad on your blog, you'll make some cold hard cash!

2. SEO traffic

People pay a lot of money to get users to visit their website in hopes that they will convert and become a customer. Organic traffic is free, which can be used as a huge advantage over someone else who does not have good SEO reach. When and if you have a product to sell, you will already have a free source of traffic, which gives you a better opportunity at having a successful product.

3. Share your knowledge

It's very important to share your knowledge. Everyone learns in a different way, and the way you explain a specific topic might speak volumes to someone else at your same level. Sharing your knowledge will also help build a following, which is the next reason to create a developer blog.

4. Build a following

Social networks have now become a major marketing channel. If you have a large following you'll be able to influence others, help others, and eventually sell to them.

Imagine a developer releases an online course and they only have 100 twitter followers. Now, imagine another developer with 10,000 followers releases an online course. Which one is going to be able to make the biggest impact? No question, it's the one with the larger following.

5. Use it as a reference

Many developers reference old applications that they have built. If you already implement a function or a feature, why re-invent the wheel?

Your developer blog can be used in the same way. When you write about things you learn throughout your coding journey, you can use it as a reference later on down the road. In fact, writing about a specific topic will help you learn even more about it, which brings us to the next reason.

6. Learn more

When you write about a specific topic, you will actually learn more about it. The progression of mastering a topic is to learn it, apply it, and then teach it. As you teach you will be forced to fully understand the topic at hand.

When we teach, we learn

7. Establish Authority

Establishing authority in your career is important for getting a better job, landing a dream client, or selling something. Establishing authority in your field allows you to influence others, build a following, sell a product, or even land a dream job. That brings us to the next reason.

8. Get a better job

All the writing you do on your developer blog will essentially act as a glorified resume. You're much more likely to get a job over another developer who doesn't have a blog. By writing in your blog you will gain more credibility and you will have more opportunities to get a better job.

9. Better communication

Finally, if all the previous reasons are not enough, this one will help in many areas of your career and your life. Becoming better at writing will also help your communication skills. The better you get at writing and conveying your thoughts, the better you will get at communicating.

A happier life is usually correlated with an individual who has good communication skills. So be sure to learn, write, and live happier.


There's no doubt that creating a developer blog has so many benefits, so if you do not have a developer blog yet be sure to head on over to the DevDojo Blogging Platform at https://devdojo.com/devblog and start crafting your developer blog.