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Write a Post, Get Paid

Tony Lea

Write a Post, Get Paid

Are you a developer who enjoys writing articles and tutorials. If so, here's an opportunity to earn some money on a weekly basis.

You can write these tutorials/posts on your own site and you can re-post it to the DevDojo for a chance to win $20 each week.

If you are posting from another source make sure to include the original link in the post settings when adding it to the DevDojo.


Each week we'll be selecting 3 articles to feature and your article will be listed on the homepage and on the featured page.

In the future, we may increase the amount paid and the number of articles that get featured.

If you are going to write a developer tutorial/post anywhere, make sure to add it to the DevDojo as well to possibly earn some extra dough and get some extra exposure ✌️