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VueJS support in the Ionic Framework

Tony Lea

VueJS support in the Ionic Framework

I've wanted to get into mobile development for quite some time and I've tested out a few of the mobile frameworks such as Cordova, Framework 7, and of course the IonicFramework.

I was quickly drawn to Cordova as it seemed easiest to get started. I also tried out the IonicFramework really liked it! Unfortunately, I was immediately turned away when I heard that it was built using Angular.

And now it's very exciting to hear that the IonicFramework version 4 is going to support VueJS!

With the popularity and support provided by the VueJS community, it should be no a no brainer for frameworks built on Angular to move to VueJS.

And that's exactly what happened. Last week at VueConf Toronto, Josh Thomas (ionicFramework developer) announced that they will be releasing an alpha release of the new IonicFramework built with VueJS support.

You can check out the official blog post on the ionic website here, where you can read more about how to use Ionic and Vue together.

I couldn't be more excited for this announcement. You can be sure to see more tutorials and videos here on the DevDojo on creating mobile apps with the IonicFramework very soon.

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