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Paddle Payment Platform

Tony Lea

Paddle Payment Platform

Paddle is an awesome payment platform that makes integrating payments into your application super easy. 😎

Today at Paddle Forward, a quarterly event, they talked about some awesome new features that you might like to know about.

Why is this important for you

As a developer, you should be familiar with the most popular developer payment services such as Stripe, Braintree, and Paddle.

Having the ability to integrate payment platforms into applications is going to make you a valuable asset to any company, and/or it will help you build your own profitable SAAS application.

New Features

In today's event, Paddle announced three new features. You can watch the video replay below, or keep on reading to learn about each feature.

Paddle Pilot

One of the difficult things about accepting payments in your application is handling failed payments. Paddle Pilot is a new feature that will help your application tackle any payment failures.

pilot feature

Integrating Paddle payments into your application will automatically utilize this new feature. When someone enters their payment information in your application, Paddle will route the payment to the acquirer with the best track record with similar payments.

This gives you the best possible chance of successfully accepting your user's payment method 🙌

Learn more about Paddle Pilot here.

Checkout Branding

Another new feature is custom checkout branding. This will give you the ability to add an inline checkout process in your application, giving you the ultimate freedom for stylizing the process.

checkout branding feature

Here is a sample screenshot of how you can customize the Checkout Branding to make it feel seamless in your application.

custom branding

Now, your whole check-out process can look as pretty (or ugly) as the developer envisions.

Learn more about checkout branding at https://paddle.com/features/checkout-branding/.

Sandbox Mode

This last one is really cool 😎. Paddle Sandbox.

If you've worked with Stripe in the past you know how easy it is to work in development mode and test out transactions. Well, now you can do the same with Paddle Sandbox.

sandbox feature

Previously, in order to test out payments on your local application, you would have to create a coupon code and then process a real transaction. "Kind of a pain in the butt", but not anymore with the new Sandbox feature.

You can learn more about Paddle Sandbox by visiting https://paddle.com/features/sandbox/


Payment processing is a vital part of growing any SAAS application, so it's important to have ease of use and awesome features 🤘.

Be sure to checkout Paddle and how they can help you easily add payment functionality to your application.

Why swim, when you can paddle? (sorry, that was kind of lame... Oh well 😛)