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Get Your .dev Domain Name

Tony Lea

Get Your .dev Domain Name

Do you remember when you could create a new local site using the .dev domain, like mycoolsite.dev, which would map to a local project in your sites folder. 

A little over a year ago the .dev domains stopped working on Chrome because chrome would only serve those sites up through https, (google owned the .dev domain space so they made the decision to do this). This is why we now use the .test domain name for local testing.

Well... Wouldn't you know it, Yesterday Google released the .dev TLD's for sale. This means that you could own the domain https://badass.dev, or https://bitchin.dev, or... You get the point...

I'm certain that these domains will start ranking pretty well (since Google owns them) and this means that you can finally own that domain name you've always wanted.

Right now you can register your .dev domain at https://get.dev; however, it may be pretty pricy. Google is allowing people to get their domain before anyone else, but it will cost you a pretty penny. Within the next couple days the prices will dramatically drop. Take a look at the pricing chart below:

You can see that the first day it was released you would pay $11,500 for the domain, but today you could get it for $3,500, tomorrow $1,150, and so on...

Make sure to get the .dev domain you've always wanted and see if it's still available in the next few days in order to get it at a cheaper cost... But don't wait too long or your .dev TLD may be gone.

Find out if your domain is still available at https://get.dev!