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Computer Cats

Tony Lea

Computer Cats

Here's a roundup of some awesome cats p'laying on computers.

Every now and then it's fun to do a post that distracts us from the computers a bit. Enjoy:

computer-cat-1 computer-cat-2 computer-cat-3 computer-cat-4 computer-cat-5 computer-cat-6 computer-cat-7 computer-cat-8 computer-cat-9 computer-cat-10 computer-cat-11 computer-cat-12 computer-cat-13 computer-cat-14 computer-cat-15 computer-cat-16

With all this laziness, no one is going to kill any bugs or get any work done; however, perhaps we should take a cue from these furry creatures and get some sleep. Otherwise we'll always be like this:


Make sure you get some rest. Your computer will be there tomorrow :)