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What are the best tools/languages for Web Development?

Tony Lea

What are the best tools/languages for Web Development?

Do you often wonder if the framework, language, or tools you use will reflect the outcome of your web project? Sometimes we can get so caught up in what to use for our latest idea that it can distract us from the thing that's really important... creating the idea.

The Code Editor

Let's take for instance, your code editor of choice. There are so many great code editors available today including Coda, TextMate, SublimeText, Espresso, and so many more. The code editor that you are using will make no difference in the outcome of your web project. Of course, it may help in the speed that your web project is built but it will never directly correlate to how well or how horrible your project turns out. Every artist uses the brush they feel works best for them.

The Language

I use the latest version of PHP in most of my web projects and that is what I am most comfortable using. I have also learned the basics of Ruby from one of the greatest learning resources on the web CodeSchool.com. I feel that there may be a lot of advantages in using newer languages; however, there are also several trade-offs in return. The bottom line is that whichever language you are more comfortable with is the language that you should use to build your next project. A painting does not exist without paint; so don't worry about what kind of paint to use, grab a bucket and start creating.

When building, developing, and creating your next great idea try not to get caught up in what you should use to bring your idea to life because this can distract you from actually bringing that idea to life. Execute your idea right away. When motivation, passion, and inspiration dies so does the idea.

In the famous words of Steve Jobs "It's not done until it ships". Get it done, and make it available!

Learning new technologies is great; however, sometimes trying to figure out what technologies and tools to use can be a distraction in itself. Don't worry about the tools you use to create your idea, instead use that time to execute the idea. Take out your brush, soak it in paint, and let the canvas take life. BTW, the canvas is your idea :P