Rails Todo App with Scaffolding

Created May 19, 2012

In this quick video I wanted to demonstrate how quickly and easy it can be to create a small todo list app using Ruby on Rails. Below is the short video which will show you how you can create a todo list app in about 60 seconds.

Run the following commands in your terminal window:

$ rails new todo

$ cd todo

$ rake db:create

$ rails g scaffold task name:string status:boolean

$ rake db:migrate

$ mate .

Inside of your application directory you will want to add a line of code in your routes file located at /app/config/routes.rb

root to: "tasks#index"

Then, inside of the /public/ folder you will see a file named 'index.html', and you'll want to rename this to 'index.html.bak'. Finally, go back to your terminal window and enter:

$ rails s

Now, you will be able to go to your http://localhost:3000 and you will have your new Todo list application in front of you. It's just that easy ;)