Impress JS - Truly Impressive Javascript

Created February 14, 2012

If you haven't had a chance to checkout Impress JS yet, then I would highly recommend doing so. What is Impress JS? Why... Thanks for asking. Impress JS is a light-weight javascript library for displaying presentations in your web browser. The Impress JS uses the newly available CSS 3 transition effects to display text, blocks, images, and any other HTML element in your browser. You really have to checkout the demonstration here.

Many people may be familiar with Prezi, which is an online tool for creating presentations that not only slide side-to-side, but they also zoom in and zoom out. That's nice and all but can it do 3d objects and 3d text? Well, as of writing this article... Not quite yet; impressively enough, Impress JS can handle 3d animations. In addition to the 3d capability Impress JS does not use Flash, which we all know is a big No-No in the mobile online revolution. So, if you are familiar with a little bit of Javascript and would like to save some money and create more compatible visual effects... You just might have to impress someone by using Impress JS.