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5 Tips for Becoming a Better Developer

Tony Lea

5 Tips for Becoming a Better Developer

Want to be a better developer? We all do, right? Well I’ve put together 5 sure fire fundamentals to follow in order to become a better developer. Ironically these tips have little to do with code, but be assured that following these suggestions will help you grow as a developer.

Always Be Learning

Web development has skyrocketed in the last decade. It seems that everyday there is a new language, framework, or library being introduced. That just means that there’s never a shortage on new things to learn ;)

To grow as a developer it is important to always be learning. You can choose to learn a new language, framework, or technology. As long as you are pushing yourself beyond what you already know, you’ll be growing as a developer.

You don’t have to learn something new, in fact digging deeper into the code you already use will teach you a lot. That’s right, don’t be afraid to look under the hood of an NPM or composer package. By learning how others build things you can gain a deeper knowledge of that language. And one day you might be the creator of a package that others take apart to understand how it was built.

Always be learning and you’ll always be growing.

Teach What You Know

Improving the foundation of your current skillset is important for growing as a developer. The best way to fully grasp any concept is to teach it. So start blogging or creating videos about the stuff you already know. This will help you nail down your fundamentals and it can also help you build a following and a name for yourself.

While we teach, we learn

- Seneca

Don’t Get Discouraged 

We are all at different stages of our developer journey. It’s important not to get discouraged by the amazing things others are doing and instead be inspired by them. You can get to the same level of the elites if you keep at it.

Additionally, don’t get discouraged when you are faced with a problem you can’t solve. Being in the trenches of solving an all day bug is all part of growing as a developer. Don’t get discouraged, instead keep pushing forward and you’ll eventually find a solution to each problem.

Do The Work

If you spend the time doing anything you will get better at it. This means if you want to become a better developer you’ll just have to spend more time developing and coding, or “Doing The Work”.

The word “Work” has been given a bad reputation, because many people use it in a negative way. If you are a developer at heart, this so called “work” will actually seem exciting and fun because you get to create applications, code things, and learn new technologies.

Now, don’t get me wrong... you are not going to enjoy everything you do. Especially if you are just getting into the industry. There is going to be work that you “have to do” that doesn’t seem as enjoyable. This is just part of growing as a developer. In the early days you have to do work you don’t want to do, in order to eventually do the work you want to do.

Do the work, continue learning, continue growing, and you will become a better developer.

Be a Good Person

Being a good person is an extremely important attribute for growing as a developer. This includes being kind and generous to others. This will take you far in life and far in the workplace.

Simply put... If you are an asshole, no one is going to want to work with you.

Some people believe that the universe rewards good things to good people, and that may be partially true. But here’s the real truth, being a good person puts you in a better place to receive greater opportunity.

Always be learning, teach what you know, don’t get discouraged, do the work, be a good person, and you will become a better developer.