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5 Excellent Tools for Finding the Perfect Domain

Tony Lea

5 Excellent Tools for Finding the Perfect Domain

Doesn't it seem like all the good '.com' domains are taken? I love coming up with new ideas, but when it comes to finding a new domain name it becomes impossible to find an available domain that fits the shoes for my new website project. Shouldn't finding a domain name be fun? Like coming up with a name for your new pet. This little fluffy guy will be called Sergeant Fuzzy Boots! (Big Bang Theory reference). Anyway, luckily enough I have rounded up the top 5 domain name tools that will bring the fun back into naming your little project, here they are below, in no particular order:

1. Panabee.com

Panabee is also another amazing tool for helping you find the right domain for the right project. Using Panabee.com you can simply enter in a combination of words or any domain name you had your heart set on and the system will come up with similar and suggested names. Panabee uses some common tactics to come up with an available domain name by putting words like 'get' at the beginning or 'pro' at the end. This tool definitely makes shopping for the right domain an enjoyable experience.

2. DomainTyper.com

The thing that is great about DomainTyper, is that you can see which domains are available as you type. With every letter entered into the domain search box you will see the availability of that domain in real-time. There's no need to hit 'Search' or 'Check Availability', because this tool will let you know just as fast as you can type. Another great thing about DomainTyper is their Domain Name Generator which happens in real-time as well. So when you are searching for a desired domain their 'Domain Name Generator' will create some similar or suggested domains. DomainTyper will let you know if the domain you're thinking of is available even before you think it… Well not that fast, it can't read your mind, but it's kind of close.

3. DomainsBot.com

DomainsBot has all the great features as many of the previous tools. It is super quick to help you find the domain you are trying to find. DomainsBot creates a long list of domains for you to sift through, based off of your desired domain DomainsBot will display suggested or similar domain names. DomainsBot will also show you some premium domains that you can purchase for a price, usually it's not too expensive it just depends on the quality of the domain and how much you're willing to pay for it. Be sure to keep DomainsBot in your list of domain tools to cover when you are searching for that perfect domain.

4. Domize.com

Domize is great for quickly showing you which domains are available. Similar to 'DomainTyper', Domize.com lets you know if the domain is available just as fast as you can type. One great thing about Domize is that it will save all of the '.com' names that are available so you can go back and look at all the available '.com' domains you entered. Domize is great for popping in and quickly checking the availability of any domain.

5. namecheap.com

With namecheap.com you can easily find your self a awesome domain. All you need to do is type in a domain name that you prefer and then choose the perfect one for you. ;)

There you have it! The greatest round-up to help you find the Domain Name you've always wanted. Hope this helps you find the perfect domain for your future project!